Neal Drinnan was born in Melbourne, Australia, sometime in the 1960s. At seventeen he abandoned his family and education for the lure of life’s more ephemeral things (they lasted longer than he expected).

He has worked in publishing and journalism for many years. He is the author of five novels—Glove Puppet, Pussy’s Bow, Quill, Izzy and Eve and Rare Bird of Truth, as well as The Rough Guide to Gay and Lesbian Australia and numerous short stories. Readers who find themselves shocked by the morality of his tales should perhaps spare a thought for the author and his diligent research. He is a regular commentator on issues surrounding life love and laughter but never politics if he can avoid it.

Drinnan is generally polite, well-spoken, and well-read (although not necessarily well-behaved) and—like vodka in tonic—he mixes freely and sometimes even glows in the dark.